Auto transportation

Cargo trucking is in great demand for transportation. Today we developed enough routes for trucking through Russia. You may be completely sure in quality and delivery time of your cargo.

Combined cargo delivery is one of directions in our company. If your cargo is not large, we can offer you special delivery as a part of one our combined cargo. It will be much faster. Coordinated routes, great value of deliveries, competent management allow us to deliver combined cargo in Russia in time and cheap for you.

Transportation service, according to your wish, may include delivery through town or city to the company storage. In means that you won’t need to go though the whole town, stay in line for delivery – our representatives will come to you, take your cargo and arrange the delivery. Also we offer transportation in Moscow and Moscow region.

Cargo trucking is the most wide spread form of not expensive small cargo deliveries as a part of combined cargo. If you need to deliver a large cargo we will offer you as large truck as you need in an individual order. We deliver cargo with trucks – 1.5, 3.5, 10 and 20 tons.

Auto transport delivery may be a part of combined cargo delivery. We provide combined cargo deliveries by means of different kinds of transport (air, water, and railway) in one shipment. Without you participation and additional agreements for re-direction we can organize connection of different kinds of transport while we are delivering cargo. In that way we can manage to deliver your cargo to every town even if it doesn’t have highways.

If you need you may always use our parking place and crate cargo, insurance and all the different services – cargo following, loading-unloading works, paperwork and refund documents. Your personal manager will always inform you about your cargo state.

Auto transportation is picked if you need cheap delivery of small cargo in short time.  If your cargo is dimensional, heavy or oversized, you will better choose railway delivery. But you should know that railway delivery will take more time. If you have time limit – use air delivery. It is especially useful if you need to deliver small cargo or documents.

You may count your cargo delivery with the help of our managers.

Our company is focused on providing 3pl-service. We are ready to take ALL the responsibilities about you cargo and offer you the whole complex service. We care about your cargo.

Your personal manager will give you the information about your cargo. Our experience in the sphere of logistic allows us to do our work efficiently and free you from all the worry starting from the moment your application.


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