Logistic company NetWork Logistic is a complete 3-pl operator. It means that we provide the whole range of services from reliable logistic company.

Handling. We will arrange the handling of any complexity, all the basic and auxiliary operations at the airport, strain work in multimodal transportation, complicated handling for oversized cargo that needs special equipment and conditions. We have our own proper handling equipment and devices. Our staff is trained in the ways of storage and strapping, fastening and stowage of cargo.

Expedition to regions. If you need to organize following the cargo – we are always ready to provide you this service. We make up our staff from professional people, insure cargo and take financial responsibility. You may always specify the costs with our managers.

Storage accommodation. We keep cargoes close to main airports in Moscow region; also provide storages in other regions. At storages and warehouses we provide security, temperature control, cargo handling, and additional packaging if necessary, bar-coding. Modern handling equipment, trained staff, careful cargo handling, occupational safety are guaranteed.

Cargo handling. Delivery of agricultural goods, vegetables, fruits, flowers may attract additional handling to keep their quality. Besides, oversized, fragile, expensive and heavy cargo may also need additional handling. It includes crates, different types of packaging (cardboard, fiberboard, wooden boxes, and polystyrene). If necessary we may do filling and marking.

Cargo delivery with temperature control. We organize delivery by fridge cars, also by planes and trucks with temperature control.

Cargo insurance. Our manager will always offer you insurance, the costs you may check with our managers. We have complete financial responsibility for cargo from the date of signing contract.

Climate control. In winter, according to destination region and weather, we may provide additional  insulation for containers.

Customs clearance. We make the whole paperwork for importation and exportation of goods from the territory of Russia and inform you about customs payments. Any failure of customs rules will bring us to great loss of money and time. We have high-quality experienced staff who may give you competent consultations and fill in supporting documents. 

We do care about our reputation and do our work efficiently. You will enjoy working with us!


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